Chemcrest PVC Column Wraps

Styles come and go, but columns have stayed in fashion for over 3000 years. The only changes in columns over the past number of years have been the types of material they have been made from. Today, the best columns are made by Chemcrest Inc.
Chemcrest Inc.’s columns are more durable than wood and do not require the continuous maintenance or rot repair that wood products demand.

Chemcrest Inc.’s PVC column wraps come in a variety of styles: smooth, fluted, recessed and raised panel in square or tapered shafts. Add one of our crowns, capitals, bases or neck moulds to further enhance the look.
Chemcrest column wraps are designed to enhance the appearance of existing structural posts. Easy to install, UV, rot and insect resistant while offering the strength, beauty and rigidity of wood.
Beautiful, practical, durable and virtually maintenance free.

Chemcrest Inc. also offers a variety of decorative interior and and exterior architectural mouldings and millwork are perfect for all sorts of remodeling and restoration projects.. Unique patterns, precision alignment and fitting of their mouldings set us apart. Compared to plaster or wood mouldings Chemcrest products enable faster installation with consistent quality; cost-effective, lasting and timeless solutions.

Chemcrest has been a synthetic millwork category leader for nearly forty years. They make and distribute over 3,000 interior and exterior architectural millwork products and custom designs for some of North America’s leading homebuilders and serve smaller firms through our distribution network.

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